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Training Facility

J. Vaughan Electrical Contractors Ltd is justifiably proud that 3 of our senior technical engineers are members of the task force responsible for the review and development of the rules approved for The National Rules for Electrical Installation - I.S 10101 2020.

It is in this environment that we share our knowledge, skills, experience and recommendations helping promote safety, innovation and technical excellence in the electrical industry.

The board of JVE is a strong advocate for training and professional development. The company recently invested in a purpose built 15 person class room training centre offering the workforce unrivalled opportunity for continuous training and skills updating.

The training centre offers fully functioning booths that house live mock ups including;

  • Switchgear / Testing and Verification
  • General Services
  • Dali, General, and Emergency Lighting
  • ICT with UPS back up
  • Fire Alarm (includes a Fireman’s switch to the MCC)
  • Security and Intruder Alarm
  • Generator Changeover
  • Heating Controls
  • Motor Control offers forward and reverse, star delta starting (simulation), DOL, Jog and Variable speed drive motor functions.
  • PLC’s providing cloud based control on MCC, These controls allow the user to run each motor from the training centre iPad screen using the Siemens OBA8 Logo application.
  • Testing and verification with 21 switching simulating faults.
  • Practical training benches providing an array of sample electrical materials and equipment.

With canteen and toilet facilities the training centre will be multifunctional, offering a space that will accommodate

  • CPD’s
  • Apprentice Training
  • Continued Professional development training on electrical systems
  • 3rd party presentations
  • First aid, First responder, H&S Training
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