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Building Information Modelling

Building information modelling is a process for combining information and technology to create a digital representation of a project that integrates data from many different sources.

It relates to creating, managing and sharing information over the entire life-cycle of a construction project, with the aim to improve efficiency and communication amongst all contractors working on a project.

This process provides significant cost savings at all stages of the projects life cycle. The advantages have been realised and adopted by the private sector who recognize the advantages of a common information platform. It’s a fast growing platform/tool for coordination in large scale projects.


To ensure the designer is supplied with complete detailed information, the JVE BIM team have developed Revit family files for use in BIM models. The JVE BIM team are fully trained and competent in serval BIM supported software such as:

  • Revit
  • Solibri
  • Navisworks (Clash Detection)
  • BIM 360 Doc / Glue
  • Endscape (Rendering Software )

with many more additional skills with Revit add-ins and second party tools.

JVE has incorporated BIM standards into our information management which has enabled our team to work more efficiently and precisely throughout all BIM related projects . Our first prefabricated BIM project was delivered for the HSE. We have completed numerous fully managed BIM projects.

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